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Wondering if Dubsado is the right tool for you or curious what can actually be automated with it? In just 20 minutes I'll walk you through the 6 phases most service based businesses follow when working with clients, and tips for streamlining each phase using Dubsado.

30 Impactful Ways to Run Your Service Based Business on Autopilot

Don’t think your current process takes that much time for you to complete manually? You might be surprised to realize just how long things actually take when you track it! Grab my free Time Saving Calculator to figure out how much time you could be saving yourself each week with a more streamlined process.

Time Savings Calculator

Not sure if you even have a process for your business and feeling confused about where to start? Grab my free Systems Starter Kit and you’ll receive access to a list of my favorite systems, a roadmap for how they work together specifically for brand + web designers, and a checklist of content pieces to help you get started!

Systems Starter Kit
For Brand + Web Designers

As if Dubsado and ClickUp weren’t enough on their own, I also love using Zapier to connect the two together and supercharge my efficiency! I used the free version of Zapier for a long time and it was great—but once I bit the bullet and upgraded to a paid version my mind was legit blown away at how much MORE I could automate using multi-step zaps. Seriously...mind. blown. 🤯

If you haven’t played around with Zapier yet, even as a free user, you are totally missing out! Go sign up and start exploring what you can do. There are thousands of apps (besides Dubsado and ClickUp) that can be connected together to help you be more efficient.



 The 2nd most amazing tool I would not want to run my business without is ClickUp. I’ve heard it said that ClickUp is “Trello + Asana on steroids” and I think that about sums it up! Even on their free forever plan, you get a very robust project management system that allows you to plan and organize your projects in a way that makes the most sense to YOU.

Eventually I’m going to add ClickUp services to my repertoire, but in the meantime I highly encourage you to check it out on your own and start playing around with their free version!



 If I had to choose ONE tool to run my entire business from, this is it! It has scheduling, it has proposals & contracts, it has invoicing, it has templates, and everything gets pulled together in beautifully automated workflows that make being a solopreneur a million times easier (no exaggeration!).

They even have a killer, full-featured free trial that I encourage you to check out if you haven’t already (later on after you fall madly in love with it, you can enter my code “sarahleighday” to get 20% off your 1st month or year, too!).



My Favorite Tools

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