You’ve already signed up for Dubsado because you believed it was going to be "the one system to rule them all," but you didn't realize it was going to be so frickin' hard to learn and take so much time to set up. With everything else on your plate, figuring out how to do anything beyond sending contracts and invoices feels overwhelming (because even those basic actions took more time to set up than you imagined). You love the idea of automating your business, but you’re also afraid to hand over the reins to technology in case something goes awry—after all, you have a reputation to uphold!

Embrace what makes your business unique.
Build a process that creates raving fans.
Become the master of your time.


Become the master of your time—with Dubsado taking on the heavy-lifting of keeping your clients and projects on time and on task, you'll be free to spend more of your time doing the things that matter to you like taking a laptop-free vacation, making money while you sleep, working in your zone of genius, etc.

Are you ready to take the first step towards living a life where you get to maximize your time while minimizing your effort?

Step Three: Sweet Freedom!

Build a process that creates raving fans—I'll help you build "personalized automation" into your process so your clients will continue to get the individualized attention you’re known for, without the stress of workflows that might embarrass you or tasks that end up falling through the cracks.

Step Two: Setup

Embrace what makes your business unique—every CEO I've worked with has had her own way of doing things, even compared with others in the same industry! Together, we'll develop a workflow strategy that's custom fit for YOU.

Step One: Strategy

That’s where my 3-step process comes in.

On your VIP Day my full focus and attention will be 100% laser set on you and your project—no emails, no distractions, just rapid-fire RESULTS!

VIP Day!


Once you're officially booked for one of my VIP Days, I'll send you some "homework" as Pre-Work that will help us both prepare for our big day together



The first step to working together is to book your Free Consult so we can chat about your specific needs and determine which VIP Day is the best fit for achieving your goals

Free Consult


How it Works

During a Strategy VIP Day, you and I will partner together to strategize and turn your "brain spaghetti" of workflow ideas into a structured, foundational roadmap that includes the details for your entire client journey—from the initial inquiry all the way through to the final testimonial and beyond.

With the Specialist For A Day option, you are getting the 1:1 attention of a Certified Dubsado Specialist and expert Workflow Strategist to help you accomplish any number of things within your account in a short period of time (1 day). This option is perfect for turning your Dubsado "to do" list into an "is done" list including workflow updates, account cleanup, branded forms, and more!

Looking for a pre-strategized, professional workflow that doesn't require spending the time, effort, and money it takes to develop your own custom workflows from scratch? Sometime in 2022 I'll be introducing "One Day Workflows" which are exactly that—pre-mapped, pre-strategized workflow templates that I can install for you in just one day! Follow me on social media to receive launch updates.

I'm so glad I invested in your Dubsado setup service! My workflows are still going strong [1 year later]!

Christy P.

Sarah is like the "Wizard" in the background who makes you look like a Rock Star at managing your everyday client business relationships! Thank You Sarah!

Nicole C.

Sarah took care of everything! I was excited to find a strategy + setup package to be handled all by one person. It was the most thorough client experience I've ever had and has been a total game-changer when setting up new clients.

Haley J.

I was really impressed by Sarah's process. I found everything to be clear and concise and her packages were just what I was looking for. She listens to your needs, offers valuable insights/suggestions and you come away with a working knowledge of how your incredible new workflow functions.

Allison S.

You're ready and able to work together in a fast-paced, collaborative environment


You’re ready and able to invest in partnering with an expert to help you accomplish your goals


You know exactly what you want, even if you don't 100% know how to get there 


We might be a perfect fit if...

The first step you need to take towards living a life where you get to maximize your time while minimizing your effort is to...

It's time to take action.

sound like you?

I’ve got you covered! If you're looking to go the DIY route, Dubsado's online courses are free in their Education Portal. I also have my own course called DIY Dubsado Setup that's currently open to beta testers for free enrollment while I put the finishing touches together, or you can view the same information on my YouTube channel Dubsado Tidbits and sometimes in my free Facebook Group if that's more your speed. If you end up purchasing a Specialist For A Day or One Day Workflow VIP Day, I include a Workflow Maintenance Guide with your deliverables, plus I will often add mini-tutorials sprinkled all throughout your Dubsado workflows to help give you the confidence you need to know you're doing things "right."

04 | What if I’m still a newbie and I don't know how to use Dubsado?

Absolutely! I want you to be confident that you're using the right tools for your unique business, which is why I offer a Free Consult for us to get to know one another better and dig a little deeper into what you’re struggling with and the goals you’re wanting to accomplish. I would also encourage you to check out my free video training, "30 Ways to Run Your Service Based Business on Autopilot" for some inspiration about how you can utilize the many features Dubsado has to offer.

03 | I don't know what can/can't be done in Dubsado (or if it’s even the right tool for me)—can you help me figure that out before I invest in your services?

At this time I am only offering 1 VIP Day per week and I’m usually booking out at least a month or two in advance (you can always check the top of my home page to get a ballpark idea of when my next availability is). VIP Days are booked on Mondays from 8:00am - 3:00pm (CST/CDT) and I will generally have all deliverables wrapped up and sent out by end of day on Wednesdays.

02 | How soon can we get started and what’s the turnaround time?

Only you can make that decision for your business, but here are some facts that might help you decide:

01 | Will this investment be worth it?


Dubsado offers free online courses that cover everything from beginning to intermediate and even advanced concepts, with a total viewing time of just over 19 hours of straight content (this doesn't include any extra time it might take you to really grasp every concept and translate it into practical application for YOUR specific business).

There are also dozens of articles in Dubsado's Help Center plus hundreds of other blog posts and YouTube videos shared by other users to cover various other topics and situations that go beyond the online courses. It could take weeks to pour through everything!

On the other hand, a VIP Day (including your pre-work time) generally takes between 8 - 12 hours, tops! So from a timing standpoint, I think it's pretty clear that being able to "flatten the curve" on how long it would take you to figure out your setup on your own is going to be a worthwhile investment. 😉

I love helping online service providers find the right support to run their business and I can't wait to learn more about your own unique process and needs. 

Book a free, no-strings-attached consult.

interested in working with me, but still have questions?


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