Seeing every step of her workflows laid out “on paper” has shown Amanda just how many details go into her process and she’s already feeling a huge sense of relief knowing nothing will fall through the cracks. She’s confident that she’ll save hours and hours of time now that she has a clear roadmap for where she’s taking her clients.

A load off her plate

“I love that Sarah takes such a customized approach, and that she brings so much problem-solving to the table. I felt like she really listened to how I want to run my business, and had great suggestions to improve my process. She also was able to lead me through everything step by step and reveal potential missing pieces, which is exactly what I needed.”

Once we started mapping out all the details of each of Amanda’s services, it was easy to see where some of the missing pieces were in the process and fill those gaps with things like automated reminder emails and approval forms to keep her clients on track. We also decided to start utilizing Dubsado’s Custom Mapped Fields to populate various forms and emails with specific deadlines her clients need to be aware of so they’re not causing their project to take longer than it should.

Systems bootcamp

Even though Amanda had a fairly nailed down process for her clients, little details kept falling through the cracks and she knew she wasn’t giving her clients the smoothest experience possible. The more clients she booked, the more she realized just how much time each of those little details were taking and she definitely didn’t have the extra time in her schedule to try and learn how to utilize her Dubsado account more extensively.

There's never enough time

As an established brand coach + web designer who was burdened with having to be both the visionary and the integrator for her business, Amanda constantly felt like she was losing her mind trying to “do it all.”

Crying tears of relief

Take the first step towards living a life where you get to work less and dream more.

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