"It took me 7 min to create a new project in Dubsado and send a proposal!"

It only took a couple of weeks for these ladies to start reaping the benefits of their newly streamlined workflows. After meeting with a potential new client, Arielle sent Shelley this message:

A minute saved is a minute earned

"Sarah is incredible! We began with a workflow strategy session and she immediately understood our business and what steps to take to best communicate with our clients. She reworked our workflow, provided invaluable feedback on how to streamline our current process, and highlighted features of Dubsado I never knew existed.

I cannot even begin to explain how big of a timesaver this was—and is—for my business! Her services are an investment I wholeheartedly recommend to any time-crunched business owner!"

Since Shelley and Arielle already had a really thorough process for delivering one of two web design packages, mapping everything out for them was a breeze which gave us more time to focus on enhancing the overall process and automating even more of it. One thing they had struggled to figure out on their own was how to offer their website aftercare package to clients in a way that was both easy and automated. Thanks to Dubsado’s “public proposal” feature, we were able to link the packages in an email and trigger a new project, contract, and workflow if/when a client signs up for it! We also decided to take advantage of Sub-Agreements to automatically provide renewal opportunities every 6-12 months, something they were previously having to manually remember to offer.

Adding aftercare

Moving into 2021, Arielle was a brand new mom and Shelley was about to begin her Master’s program so they both needed to find a way to reduce their hours without losing clients or revenue. They already loved what little they had set up for themselves in Dubsado, but they knew they were wasting sooooo much time copying and pasting emails because they just couldn’t figure out how to make their workflows work correctly.

Stepping back

Business partners Shelley & Arielle had an established digital marketing agency and had been using Dubsado for ~2.5 years already. They had a really solid process they used to work with One Client at a Time℠, but so much of that process was being done manually using the copy-and-paste method.

The 7 minute proposal

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