July 19, 2021

Should I Hire a Virtual Assistant?

At one point in every entrepreneur’s business growth journey, they ask themselves this one question…”Should I hire a Virtual Assistant?”

Let me guess…

Business is booming and you’re running yourself ragged trying to keep up. So, naturally, your initial instinct is “time to hire,” right?

Well, maybe.

But the chances are you feel this way because there are so many manual steps in your process that you knoooow are below your pay grade (be honest) and your biz coach told you to outsource those things, amiright?

But let’s back up a step and address the real problem…

The real problem isn’t that you need an assistant to handle the little details for you. It’s the fact that you have so many “little details” in your process to begin with!

What if your process was so tight and automated that the only “human tasks” needed were ones that only you could do for your business because they’re that high-level and everything else runs by itself?

By leveraging technology, this can be a reality!

Having an automated system saves you time, but it also saves you money over hiring a Virtual Assistant because:

  • Technology doesn’t have to be “trained”
  • You don’t have to worry about technology slacking off
  • Technology doesn’t have to redo its mistakes (because it doesn’t make mistakes to begin with when set up properly)
  • Oftentimes, technology comes out to a much cheaper hourly rate than even the most affordable VAs

Don’t get me wrong—there is absolutely a time and a place for the human touch that a good VA can provide (I used to be a Virtual Assistant myself!). However, make sure your systems are set up to run efficiently first, before making that hire. I always look for automated solutions for my clients first before resorting to hiring additional manpower to complete a task. This is why I love using Dubsado because it has so MANY automation options all within a single platform!

Using Dubsado’s workflow features allows you to send emails, proposals, contracts, questionnaires, even feedback forms automatically. You can also set up additional actions like creating a new invoice, sending yourself a ToDo task, and following up on incomplete forms. And the best part is there’s no “one-size-fits-all” model. Your workflows can be built specifically for the needs of you and your business!

Not sure how where to start with automated systems? Check out my free Systems Starter Kit for Brand + Web Designers!

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When business starts picking up, the first thing many entrepreneurs think they need to do is hire a Virtual Assistant. But is that really the right move?
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