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June 7, 2019

Understanding the Client Portal in Dubsado

The Client Portal in Dubsado is a great place to keep all of your clients’ proposals, contracts, invoices, emails, and other documents organized. It can be embedded on your website or sent via a direct link. You can also choose to make it password protected or not (clients still have to enter their email address to access it).

Inside the Client Portal

Once logged in, the first thing a client will see is the Home tab. This shows them the contact information for your business and any unread emails they have from you. It will also show any incomplete forms they need to fill out and any open invoices they need to pay.

Clicking the Projects tab will show them all of the documents that are related to their project(s). If they have multiple projects with you, they’ll be able to switch back and forth among them using the drop down menu. This allows them to view only the information that’s relative to each project. That information can include proposals, contracts, invoices, questionnaires, scheduled appointments, and any other PDFs or external links you added for the project.

In the Emails tab, clients will be able to see a copy of all the emails you’ve sent them, even if they’ve deleted those emails from their own external inbox.

Finally, they can view and edit their contact information by clicking Profile and then clicking the “baby gear icon.”

Setting Up Your Client Portal

To update the settings of your Client Portal, click the Gear Icon at the top of the page and then click Portal on the left.

From here, you can edit (or hide) your welcome message and a portal specific logo. You can choose to either upload a custom designed banner image or simply set the banner area to a solid color of your choosing.

If you decide to create a custom portal banner, you should consider creating versions for both desktop and mobile. The portal banner image is NOT responsive so unfortunately, it will not resize itself correctly when viewed across all devices. You will need the following dimensions in order to create a banner image that fits well:

  • Portal Banner
    • 1800 x 200 (for most laptop screens)
    • 2700 x 200 (for larger screens)
  • Portal Mobile Device Banner
    • 700 x 200

To share your portal with your clients you can either send them a direct Portal Link or embed the portal on your website using code. The information for both of these methods can be found in the Portal settings area.

For more information and a live walkthrough of the Client Portal, watch my tutorial below!

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