February 25, 2021

To Do Tasks: Dubsado’s Hidden Gems

When people talk about their favorite features in Dubsado, they usually mention things like…

  • Automated workflows
  • Easy appointment scheduling
  • The ability to send the proposal, contract, and invoice all at one time
  • Automatic reminders and follow ups

I don’t disagree with any of these (they’re some of my faves as well). But there’s another really powerful feature that most people overlook.

To Do Tasks in Dubsado

As a Certified Dubsado Specialist, I help solopreneurs and service providers run their businesses more smoothly and efficiently. And taking advantage of the vast array of customizations available for To Do tasks is one of my favorite ways to do this!

Now, you may be thinking, “What’s the big to-do about To Do tasks? Isn’t it just a simple reminder ‘to do’ something?”

It can be, sure. But it also can be a really detailed tool if you utilize the text formatting options. Since the To Do task is a free-form text box you can add all sorts of interesting things, like:

  • Bold, italics, bullets, and numbered lists to make things stand out or create organization
  • Emojis to add some personality ✅❌💲🎉☕🚩💡
  • Hyperlinked text to make it quicker and easier to access external apps or websites

But, since I know that my clients may not be as Dubsado-savvy as I am, my FAVORITE thing to include in To Do tasks is…


I usually structure my To Do’s with the main task list at the top and a full step-by-step tutorial section at the bottom so no matter what level of Dubsado-savvy the user is, they can be 100% confident they’re taking the right steps to complete each action! This can also be great for clients who start growing a team and want to delegate some of those tasks to new team members—the SOP is already pre-written and accessible within the actual task itself!

Here’s an example of a To Do task that explains the various steps you can take after a Discovery Call ends…

To Do tasks that are sent as an email reminder can include all kinds of details

Depending on how the call went, the next steps could vary quite a bit. But as you can see, this To Do task is extremely detailed to cover every possibility! While it may not look very helpful within Dubsado’s workflow interface…

ToDo Task in Dubsado
To Do tasks within Dubsado’s workflow interface are not as helpful as the emailed version

…the emailed version in the video above is magical!

Not only have I included a few main points about what to do next in the task reminder, I’ve also included:

  • Visually interesting and easy-to-understand emojis to help guide the user towards the specific actions they need to follow
  • Detailed, step-by-step instructions to show the user exactly how to perform each action
  • Hyperlinked text to make it easier for the user to access external websites (like their Dubsado account) directly from their email
  • Font and paragraph formatting to emphasize important information and keep things organized
  • Screenshots to further assist the user and reinforce the written instructions

And all of this is possible using the existing functionality of the text editor when creating Dubsado To Do tasks—wow! 🤯

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To Do Tasks: Dubsado's Hidden Gems
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