February 25, 2019

What is a Lead Capture Form and Why Do I Need One?

In Dubsado, there are several different types of “Forms” you can create and each one does different things:

  • Contracts
  • Sub-Agreements
  • Questionnaires
  • Proposals
  • Lead Captures

Since each of these items are important to your workflows, I’m going to address them individually in separate posts. First, let’s talk about the Lead Capture form.

Most of the clients I’ve worked with will start their workflows with a Lead Capture form that has been embedded on their website. The purpose of this form is to “capture” information from new “leads” who are interested in your products or services. Lead Capture forms will typically ask for name (first and last) and email address of the lead at the very least, but they might also have some other qualifying questions included like “What type of product/service are you looking for?” or “What’s your budget?” or “When is your event?” etc.

Once the information has been “captured,” Dubsado will create a new “Project” for the lead, which is where all of their information will be contained and accessible. While it is possible to create a new Project manually and enter the client’s information yourself, the embedded form option is definitely preferred because it automates those steps for you! No other form type in Dubsado will automatically create a Project for your new lead.*

*Note: The same day this post was written, Dubsado released a new feature that now allows you to embed a proposal directly to your website and once completed, it will act like a Lead Capture form and create a Project for your new client.

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