August 15, 2021

5 Ways You’re Misusing Dubsado

Are you misusing Dubsado in your business?

Let me explain…

If Dubsado were a vehicle, this is an example of what it CAN do.

And this is an example of how you’re currently using it. Yikes!

I see this ALL the time! People sign up for Dubsado knowing it’s a great tool to help them be more productive in their business. But months (or years?) go by and they are barely scratching the surface of what Dubasdo can ACTUALLY do for them!

Let me give you some examples.

Here are 5 ways you may be misusing Dubsado…

  1. You are only using Dubsado to manually send contracts and invoices. Instead, you could be sending clients a Proposal/Contract/Invoice combo! This “3-page document” helps keep the momentum of your client’s excitement going and move them through to your onboarding phase fast.
  2. Your forms are boring. This is a huge way designers especially are misusing Dubsado! There are so many easy ways to make your forms easy to look at and exciting to complete. At the very least, you can spruce up your forms by using consistent fonts (style, size, color etc.) and adding in some graphics (easily created in Canva). You can also purchase pre-made templates from places like The Creative Template Shop, Forms & Flows, or Dub-Ins. (Some of these are affiliate links to brands I use and trust!)
  3. Your projects are disorganized. If your Projects dashboard still only has “Leads,” “Current,” and “Past” statuses, you probably have tons of clients in each one and no idea where any of them are in your process. Utilize these statuses to see who’s in what stage of your process and/or how many of each type of project you have going on at a glance. You can even add emojis to make it more fun for you and your team!
  4. You have all your content in Dubsado (forms, packages, emails, etc.), but you’re STILL sending things manually. Having pre-made templates is great, but if you’re still sending them out manually then you’ve missed the whole point of Dubsado! Developing automated workflows that infuse just the right amount of personal touch is my specialty so please reach out if this is something you need help with.
  5. Your workflow ToDo tasks are too basic. Sure your ToDos can be a simple reminder to yourself or even a bullet point list of some steps you need to take outside of Dubsado. But there’s a WHOLE lot more you can be doing with these! In fact, I’ve written an entire blog post highlighting better ways to utilize these hidden workflow gems.

These are just a few of the ways I often see clients misusing Dubsado for their business, but there are plenty more I could share! Dubsado is designed to help you with so much more in your business than what you’re likely using it for. Isn’t it time you actually got your money’s worth out of it?

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Are you guilty of misusing Dubsado? Many small business CEOs sign up for it with good intentions, but never fully utilize its capabilities.
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