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June 5, 2019

Control Your Branding in Dubsado

As a Brand + Web Designer, I know that branding is a huge deal to you! One of the many great features of Dubsado is your ability to brand everything with YOUR colors and logos. Nothing that goes out has any kind of Dubsado branding on it.

To manage your Brand Settings, click the Gear Icon at the top of the page and then click Branding on the left.

Control Your Branding in Dubsado

From here you can upload your logo and add your dominant branding color, which will show on all your form and link buttons.

Control Your Branding in Dubsado

Next you can choose the email address where you want to receive Dubsado alerts and notifications. This would be the kinds of alerts you get when someone books an appointment with you, signs their contract, or fills out your questionnaire. Dubsado will automatically send you a notification about those events and this is the email address where they’ll send it. Note: this does NOT have to be the same address you use to log into your account.

The contact information listed in the Name, Phone, and Address sections should all be the information for your business. This information could be client-facing depending on how you end up using SmartFields (which will be covered in a future post), so make sure to keep that in mind as you’re entering or updating any of this information.

Lastly, you can change the way your emails appear to clients when sent from Dubsado by having them come from “Your Name” or from “Your Business” name. There’s no “right or wrong” way to set this up—it all just depends on who your clients will expect to “hear” from. Are they going to know who you are if you use your own name instead of your business name? Or would they be more likely to recognize (and read) emails from your business name? You can always change this later if you need to.

After you’ve made your changes, be sure to click the SAVE button in the top right corner.

For more information and a live walkthrough, watch my tutorial below!

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