October 12, 2020

How to Sell Gift Certificates Using Dubsado

One of my clients is a very successful professional organizer in Louisville, KY. One of the projects we worked on together was creating gift certificates she could sell on her website. She wanted to allow people to “give the gift of organizing” to friends and family for Christmas (what a great idea, right!?).

It took a little bit of brainstorming, but we came up with a great workflow to make it happen!

Gift Certificates Setup

First, we created individual packages and discount codes for each gift certificate amount she wanted to offer. We added those packages to a public proposal and embedded it on her website. In the proposal, we collected the names of both the purchaser and the recipient so we could personalize the gift certificates using SmartFields.

Next, we used a questionnaire form type to design the actual gift certificate. Using SmartFields, the gift certificate auto-populates with the purchaser’s and recipient’s names, the gift amount, and the expiration date. The terms and conditions of using the gift certificate are also included.

Gift Certificate Workflow

Finally, we built a workflow that automatically sends the purchaser a confirmation email as soon as they pay the invoice. This email lets them know they will receive their gift certificate within 24 hours. Meanwhile, my client gets a ToDo reminder. This reminder instructs her to set the Project Date for the gift certificate expiration. It also tells her to add the appropriate discount code to the gift certificate, according to the amount purchased.

Once the gift certificate is ready, my client triggers the workflow to email it to the purchaser. The email includes instructions to either forward it to the recipient or print it out and hand deliver it to them (in case they wanted to wrap it in a gift box or envelope).

When the recipient decides to redeem the gift certificate, all they have to do is enter their discount code on their invoice when they sign up for an organizing package. When they do, the gift certificate value is deducted from their total!

Want More?

I’ve created a One Day Workflow setup guide specifically for selling gift certificates or gift cards in Dubsado! Click here to learn more.

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Learn how to utilize Dubsado's public proposals and SmartFields to sell gift certificates or gift cards directly on your website.
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